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12mm 1/2" Flat Section Skew Chisel

Seamus Day
Best 1' skew on the market in my opinion. I bought this after watching Steve Jones, woodturner21 on youtube, who is an absolute skew master and uses this skew. Really nice on the tool rest with the radius edge and holds a razor edge. Really good value and excellent tool steel...

Dovetail Chisel Set of 4 (BACK ORDER)

Adrian Knight
These are beautiful chisels, very well balanced and a real pleasure to use for delicate joinery work.

They arrive well finished, sharp and perhaps need just a final polish to set up.

On top of that Ashley Iles offer exceptional after sales care and support. Unlike most other tool brands, if needed you can get your chisels reground and the handles replaced.

They will last most people a lifetime!
They are Made in England by British craftsmen.
What's not to like....

Ashley Iles Mk2 Bevel Edge Chisels Set of 4 + Free Tool roll

Bela Berde
Simply very well manufactured. High quality. Good idea to get the Marking Knife with them.

25mm 1" Mk2 Bevel Edged Chisel

Simon Clark
I have owned a set of 18 carving chisels from Ashley Isles for over 40 years and always loved them and when it came time to upgrade my old chisels Ashley Isles were the obvious choice. Having worked with the new bevel edged MK2 for a couple of months now I cannot recommend them highly enough. Beautifully balanced with a superd edge and finish they are unrivalled. Treat yourself!...

25mm 1" Flat Section Skew Chisel

Jake Webb
I have bought tools from various suppliers over the years, but hand on heart this is the best chisel I have used. The feel and finish is superb. It takes and it keeps its edge well. Alongside the option to purchase the blade only and excellent price for the quality. I cannot fault these tools and I look forward to buying more in the future. It's so good I felt I had to post review....

6mm 1/4" Pointy Tool

Bernard Victor Futter
I use this tool a lot; currently detailing chessmen.very good steel, easily sharpened, and does not readily chatter. Bernard....

16 TPI Uni-Chaser Male & Female Thread Chasing Tool

Bernard Victor Futter
Bought directly from Tony at the Kent Show Ground in 2013,which included a useful chat, I really enjoy using this tool. Easy to sharpen, and no need for an arm rest, and the supporting CD explains everything perfectly. Excellent product and service: I wish there were a 12tpi version....

12mm 1/2" Spindle Gouge Long and Strong

Артемий Спасов(иером. Артемий)
Good tool. The total length of the blade is 30 sm.

9mm 3/8" Reg Sherwin Roughing Out Gouge

Nicholas Cole
I've used this gouge alot and the results are great ! It roughs out by taking away plenty of material quickly but is capable of a shear scrapping like cut leave a very clean finish. I was taught by Reg Sherwin and he showed me how to get the most from this tool ! Great teacher, great tool....

Hollow Ground Offset (HOG) Parting Tool

Jonathan Easby
Simply the BEST parting tool I have ever used. Cuts with ease and excellent quality.

19mm 3/4" Fixed Angle Ring Tool

Jonathan Easby
I required a'hook' tool for bowl work and found this tool.
Used internal and external cutting. Quality versatile tool. Highly recommended!...

12mm 1/2" Fixed Angle Ring Tool

Jonathan Easby
I required a'hook' tool for bowl work and found this tool.
Used internal and external cutting. Quality versatile tool. Highly recommended!...

25mm 1" Continental Gouge (Short)

Jonathan Easby
Lovely spindle gouge that is just as happy roughing down! Pleasure to use.

12mm 1/2" Continental Gouge Short

Jonathan Easby
Required 'traditional' style gouge for my turning, mainly goblets, and this suits perfectly. Quality tool that is a pleasure to use....

9mm 3/8" Spindle Gouge

Jonathan Easby
Purchased to replace old gouge. Quality tool pleasure to use.

12mm 1/2" Spindle Gouge Long and Strong

Jonathan Easby
Quality tool that suits my style of turning exactly. Purchased to replace older worn out gouge. Glad I chose Ashley Iles, now my go to manufacturer....

10.5mm 7/16" Traditional Ring Tool

Jonathan Easby
Bought at Yadles over 20 years ago and still going strong.
Only ever needed honing, perfect for hollowing goblets. Quality excellent and second to NONE ! Highly recommend....

9mm 3/8" Captive Ring Tool

Timothy Pettigrew
I have used this cleverly designed tool since 2009 and, as long as the wood being turned is free of faults, it cuts captive rings effortlessly. I have used it to cut rings of 40mm and over in diameter with an optimum ring thickness of about 9mm. It is very easy to sharpen with a diamond slip.
I use the tool in conjunction with the Ashley Iles 9mm bead forming tool which sets out the width and shapes the outside circumference of the ring before the sides are cleared with a parting tool to allow the deployment of the captive ring tool to cut out the ring completely.

A You tube video of my use of the tool can be seen at https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgSIMD0DRIR2v3CwlpOzc-

31mm 1 1/4" Flat Section Skew Chisel

Andreas Kuhn
To make it short - I love this tool and makes my hobby woodturning even more pleasing to me. The handle fits very good to my hands, the rounded sides of this skew move very easily on my toolrest and they are pleasing to my hands. I use it for spindle work to turn mainly apple, pear, walnut and ash with a bevel angle of approx. 25 degree and it holds its edge quite long. The thickness of this skew gives me a good feeling of stability using it either right- or left-handed. I use it for roughing as well as for finishing cuts and after regrinding it to a radius edge it works for me even on hollow forms (obviously they can’t be too tight) very well. At my lathe I use LEDs for lighting while turning. In my opinion the surface finish of this skew works really good with these LEDs because the reflections aren’t too intensive to my eyes. I would buy this skew again....

25mm 1" Bowl Gouge

Aidan von Bonin
Very beefy and heavy bowl gouge. I use one as a bottom bowl gouge and ground one to a 40/40 grind. the steel is very good and holds the edge excellent. Recommended for people turning big bowls and such...

Chisel Tool Roll (Large)

adam wilson
Pros: Nice strong tool rolls which fit the smaller sized tools well. Good value for the money and the tools don't rust in them unlike canvass tool rolls.

Cons: Large Ashley Iles gouges are too long for the roll and the cutting edge sticks out of the end when rolled up, so watch your fingers. Ask me how I know.

Flaps to cover the cutting edges and a larger size to fit longer tools and the large handles would be a nice addition....

12mm 1/2" Bowl Gouge Long Version

Артемий Спасов
Good quality. I recommend. Please write sizes of your tools. This bowl gouge long version’s length is 45 cm. Thank you....

CARBON STEEL Roughing Out Gouge

Jurgen Dorries
...exceptional cutting quality; easily lapped with water slip stones. Razor blade sharp

20 TPI Uni-Chaser Male & Female Thread Chasing Tool

Jason Smith
Thoroughly impressed! easy to use and easy to sharpen! together with the arm rest makes cutting threads a doddle (honest!) go for the 20tpi as this is generally thought to be the easiest to cut threads with....

4.5mm 3/16" Bedan

Jason Smith
The bedan does take a little getting used to - but what a versatile tool!!! sizing, parting, cleaning up end grain, and use it instead of a skew on small spindle work, e.g. trembeurs and finials (only its better than a skew for this work). what a cracking little tool!...

1.5mm 1/16" Standard Parting Tool

Jason Smith
Superb tool!!! - fitted it to my own 18" turned handle for the ultimate parting tool!
gives a long reach beyond the rest, the extended handle gives excellent control - and ultra thin to boot - so brilliant for all parting off uses!...

Ashley Iles Mk2 Bevel Edge Chisels Set of 6

Mark Horning
A wonderful set of chisels, the fit and finish are very good and the profile is wonderful, in fact the edge profile is nearly the same as my Blue Spruce paring chisels and then it tapers up and is a bit thinner than my Lie-Nielsen's and with a a lower angle bevel. They are wonderfully balanced, in fact probably the best of the three brands that I own. The edge quality is as good as an O1 can be I think and I'm looking forward to them lasting a lifetime....

12mm 1/2" Fixed Angle Ring Tool

Paul Jones
THe simplest ideas are always the best, not only is it the simplest hollowing tool to use but it cuts great coves. This really is a fantastic bit of kit....


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