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4.5mm 3/16" Bedan

Jason Smith
The bedan does take a little getting used to - but what a versatile tool!!! sizing, parting, cleaning up end grain, and use it instead of a skew on small spindle work, e.g. trembeurs and finials (only its better than a skew for this work). what a cracking little tool!...

1.5mm 1/16" Standard Parting Tool

Jason Smith
Superb tool!!! - fitted it to my own 18" turned handle for the ultimate parting tool!
gives a long reach beyond the rest, the extended handle gives excellent control - and ultra thin to boot - so brilliant for all parting off uses!...

Ashley Iles Mk2 Bevel Edge Chisels Set of 6

Mark Horning
A wonderful set of chisels, the fit and finish are very good and the profile is wonderful, in fact the edge profile is nearly the same as my Blue Spruce paring chisels and then it tapers up and is a bit thinner than my Lie-Nielsen's and with a a lower angle bevel. They are wonderfully balanced, in fact probably the best of the three brands that I own. The edge quality is as good as an O1 can be I think and I'm looking forward to them lasting a lifetime....

12mm 1/2" Fixed Angle Ring Tool

Paul Jones
THe simplest ideas are always the best, not only is it the simplest hollowing tool to use but it cuts great coves. This really is a fantastic bit of kit....


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